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assorted projects

Dinner for One

Dinner for One is an experimental VR game for the HTC Vive. The player has to perform different tasks and set their flat up for a date, while having their hands replaced with dinosaur-grabbers.


Soundbox is an interactive installation, that gives visitors the means of expressing themselves through the sensors of smartphones. Once a phone is picked up from a pillar, a sound starts playing and can be modulated by tilting the device.

Two Moods

Two Moods is a minimalist social media booth I worked on during my stay at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. By the press of a button the user can send a Twitter message about how they are feeling.

Escape From Trouter Space

Escape From Trouter Space is a cooperative multiplayer game for two players. As crustaceans they have to harvest algae and feed it to fish in order to produce biofuel for their ship. The more fuel they produce, the further away the planets they are able to reach.

Sushi Runner

Sushi Runner is an utilitarian endless runner, in which the player controls a group of sushis. They will have to make sushicidal sacrifices for the greater good and the survival of the entire species.

3D ARchitecture

3D Architecture was my first project using Vuforia in conjunction with Unity. The user can draw a floor plan and scan it with their phone. Afterwards they can furnish the resulting 3D model.


In Capilaris the player takes the role of a dog that explores a remote village in the Rocky Mountains, while their owner is busy refueling the car at the local gas station.

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